Vintage Headpieces, Headbands, Tiaras & Headdresses

A collection of vintage headpieces, vintage headbands, tiaras and forehead bands, including 1920ís art deco, 1940ís glamour, 1950ís retro and 1970ís boho. Every vintage headpiece, headband and tiara is individually designed for comfort. All our vintage headpieces, headbands and headdresses are created from authentic vintage jewellery pieces, reconstructed into truly unique vintage wedding headwear. As every design is a "one-off" our collection changes regularly.

vintage aurora once upon a time headpiece Vintage Sleeping Beauty Headpiece
Item: VHH399    SOLD
Vintage Art Deco Headpiece Vintage Art Deco Headpiece
Item: VHH608     £175
vintage deco tikka headpiece Vintage Deco Tikka Headpiece
Item: VHH491     £189
Art Deco Drape Forehead Band Deco Drape Forehead Band
Item: VHH598     £145
Vintage Tikka Headpiece Vintage Tikka Headpiece
Item: VHH543    £215
great gatsby headpiece Vintage Art Deco Headpiece
Item: VHH589     £190
Gold Art Deco Headpiece Gold Art Deco Headpiece
Item: VHH544    £150
vintage tikka headpiece Vintage Tikka Headpiece
Item: VHH488    £155
vintage gatsby headband Vintage Deco Gatsby Headpiece
Item: VHH596    £235
art deco forehead band 1920's Art Deco Forehead Band
Item: VHH330    £150
Vintage Art Deco Forehead Band Vintage Art Deco Forehead Band
Item: VHH504     SOLD
vintage gold headband Vintage Gold Flowers Headband
Item: VHH421     £140
Ostrich Feather Headpiece Ostrich Feather Headpiece
Item: VHH603     SOLD
vintage 1920's headpiece Vintage Deco 1920's Headpiece
Item: VHH587     SOLD
vintage forehead band Vintage Diamante Forehead Band
Item: VHH287    £155
gold art deco headpiece Gold Art Deco Headpiece
Item: VHH489     £225
Great Gatsby Headband Great Gatsby Headband
Item: VHH601     £118
Gold Art Deco Headband Gold Art Deco Headband
Item: VHH615    £175
forehead band Deco Forehead Band Circlet
Item: VHH323     £200
Vintage Gold Silver Headband Vintage Gold & Silver Headband
Item: VHH537     £220
Vintage Gold Silver Headpiece Vintage Gold & Silver Headpiece
Item: VHH522     £195
vintage juliet cap Vintage Juliet Cap Headpiece
Item: VHH609    £215
Vintage Art Deco Drape Headpiece Vintage Deco Drape Headpiece
Item: VHH565    SOLD
Great Gatsby Headpiece Great Gatsby Headpiece
Item: VHH612    £175
Gold Gatsby Headpiece Gold Gatsby Headpiece
Item: VHH536     £180
Black Great Gatsby Headband Black Great Gatsby Headband
Item: VHH566    SOLD
Vintage Deco Forehead Band Vintage Deco Forehead Band
Item: VHH567    £120
Art Deco Headband Vintage 1920's Art Deco Headband
Item: VHH548     £305
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forehead band Vintage Forehead Band
Item: VHH325     SOLD
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vintage circlet Vintage Forehead Band
Item: VHH499     SOLD